1. 1. Bulb Studios' official business hours are from Mondays through Saturdays, 8am to 6pm. Reservation made outside of these official hours, or on Sundays and Holidays are subject to off-hour charges.
  2. 2. Minimum hours of reservation are as follows:

Monday – Saturday   :  3 hours for Photo / Video Shoots

Sundays and Holidays: 5 hours

  1. 3. Specification of the use of studio must be pre-arranged with the management prior to renting.
  2. 4. Maximum of 20 pax may be accommodated for studio A & B and 10 pax max for C. In excess, an additional studio booking is required.

Set-up time and timing in:

  1. 5. Upon entrance all clients must check in at reception. All clients must adhere to all Governmental and Fire Regulations. All hallways and stairways are to be kept clear of debris in compliance with Governmental and Fire codes.
  2. 6. Clients may enter the studio thirty minutes before the reserved time for equipment procurement and set up if no client is using the studio prior the reserved time.
  3. 7. If additional set-up time is needed, the studio may be rented at 50% of the regular rate (without air conditioner); however, off-hour charges may still apply.
  4. 8. Our property custodian's responsibility is to make sure that you have the equipment you need. While he might assist you on your initial set-up, he shall not serve as a studio assistant during your shoot.

Studio Equipment:

  1. 9. Photography studio rental use comes with 3 Strobes with light stands, trigger and apple boxes.
  2. 10. Videography studio rental just comes with the space and apple box. Light rentals are excluded from studio price.
  3. 11. In case of damage to the studio equipment during rental, the person who reserved it shall be the point person in our billing for the cost of repair or replacement.
  4. 12. Application of adhesives, color, etc. on the walls and floors are prohibited. If damage or discoloration occurs from adhesive or paint, the point person shall be charged PHP 1,000.00 per square foot of the affected area. 
  5. 13. All video shoots must provide their own generators. For shoots that will go beyond 10pm or starts before 8am, a silent type generator is required. Gen set truck should only occupy 2 parking slot only.
  6. 14. Bulb Studios is not primarily a video studio. The studios are not sound proof. As such, you may have live sound recording at your own risk. We cannot ask the clients from adjoining studios to keep silent.
  7. 15. Furthermore, the air conditions in the studios are not intended for video shoots and maybe insufficient to cool down studios with strong video lights.

Packing-up and timing out:

  1. 16. You may extend your studio reservation at any time but will be subject to availability.
  2. 17. Upon packing up and vacating the studio, call our studio assistant to perform time-out checklist. Only upon clearance will you be timed out from your reservation time. Additional charges may apply if you exceed your time.
  3. 18. Leaving of equipments, props etc. in studio shall be charged with the hourly set-up rate (please see above rate).
  4. 19. If you finish well before your reserved/blocked time, you will still need to pay the full amount of the time you had reserved/blocked.


  1. 20. If a confirmed reservation is made more than 7 days prior to the reserved time, client can reschedule or refund the 50% amount of the reserved time before 7 days of the reserved time. Otherwise, 50% amount of the reserved time will be forfeited.
  2. 21. If a confirmed reservation is made less than 7 days prior to the reserved time, client can reschedule or refund the 50% amount of the reserved time made within 48 hours after the downpayment has been made. Otherwise, 50% amount of the reserved time will be forfeited.

Terms of Payments:

  1. 22. All payments shall be made in cash or dated check on the following terms:
  1. a. Fifty percent of the total amount upon reservation; and
  2. b. Fifty percent balance plus whatever additional charges may have been incurred upon timing out. (CASH BASIS ONLY)

Payments may be deposited to our BDO account:

             Account Name:      WHITE BULB PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO CO.

           Account Number:  4888007188  

Kindly email a copy of the deposit slip to

  *First email deposit slip, first served basis

  1. 23. No smoking, eating and drinking inside the studios. There are designated areas for these in the lobby.
  2. 24. Meals are taken in the Bulb Studios lobby. It is for the communal use of all clients. As such, the tables and chairs must be shared.  
    1. a. Caterers, if any should bring their own buffet tables.
    2. b. Caterers may use heated chaffing dishes, but may NOT cook within Bulb Studios premises.
    3. c. Caterers should clean up after themselves.
    4. 25. Bulb Studios shall not be held responsible for any disruption of Meralco's electrical service. If a shoot is cancelled due to power disruption, Bulb shall not charge the client for the said shoot.
    5. 26. Only 4 parking spaces are provided by the studio. First come, first park basis. 

*Pay parking are available near the studio